Skin Rejuvenation

          The Skincare Roller creates micro wounds stimulating the human  bodies natural wound healing response. One of the benefits of this response is collagen induction, where the production of collagen and elastin is stimulated and your acne scars/pock marks are infilled naturally. 

           The micro needle therapy use natural method stimulates the skin proliferation, but cannot destroy the skin cuticles, thus awakens and promotes the regeneration function of flesh, is helpful to desalinate the wrinkle and the color spot, improves the skin sense of reality, mixes well the skin color and the increase skin elasticity, causes you bright-colored to illuminate the person, the reply youth.

           Furthermore, the micro needle therapy stimulates the recovers ability of the derm wound , thus stimulates the skin, the promotion ossein proliferation, may cause the thickness of skin cuticles increase approximately 8%, its effect may compare favorably with the laser and the filling surgery. And the side effect of micro needle technology extremely low, safe is reliable, is the best therapy of antisenilly nurses.